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    Written legal analysis
    2 UAH 4,400.00
    • A description of the situation, which disturbs the legal analysis, is carried out. 
    • The circumstances of the case, the presence or absence of documents relevant to the situation are established. 
    •  A full oral communication is conducted in order to establish all the necessary circumstances of the case. 
    • The client's expectations regarding the results of service provision are established. 
    • An analysis of the current legislation that regulates the problem is carried out. 
    • An analysis of judicial practice regarding this issue is carried out. 
    • The lawyer's personal experience in solving such or similar problems is described. 
    • The conclusion is described, in which a conclusion is given regarding the impossibility of solving the problem or ways to solve the problem. 
    • Each way to solve the problem is described separately and is formed in the form of a table indicating the specific actions of the specialist, the term of the service as a whole and each stage separately (if the service consists of stages), the result of the provision of the service or stage, as well as the price of the service or stage.
In general
2 UAH 4,400.00

Lawyer on blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed database that is stored and managed by a number of computers that reside at different locations (nodes) on the Internet. This technology enables the secure and efficient exchange of data between network participants without intermediaries. It is particularly known as the technology on which the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is based, but it has other applications such as smart contracts, tracking the origin of goods in supply chains, voting systems and many others.

Legal steps:

  • A blockchain lawyer provides a legal analysis of the technology: The first step is to understand exactly how the blockchain technology will be used in your project. This will help determine the legal status of your project and identify potential legal issues.


  • Drafting legal documents: A lawyer can help you draft the necessary legal documents such as co-operation agreements, confidentiality agreements, user agreements and others.


  • Regulatory counselling: A lawyer should help you understand the regulatory environment in which you operate and help you ensure compliance with all necessary regulatory requirements.


  • Risk and Liability Management: A lawyer can help you identify the potential risks of your project and develop strategies to manage them. He or she can also help you determine liability in the event of problems, and can also provide legal support for blockchain projects.


  • Compliance with data protection legislation: As blockchain contains features of data processing and storage, it is important to comply with relevant regulations and legislation on the protection of personal data.


  • Patenting and intellectual property protection: If necessary, a lawyer can advise on protecting the intellectual property of your blockchain project and assist in patenting new technologies.

Every blockchain project is unique, and the legal steps that blockchain lawyers provide can vary depending on the specific situation. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced lawyer in place who specialises in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Under what conditions can a blockchain lawyer provide services?

A blockchain legal support service can be provided under the following conditions:

  • Access to necessary information:The lawyer must have access to enough information about your blockchain project, its technical specifications, business model, regulatory environment, etc. to provide you with proper legal support.


  • Mutual trust and confidentiality: As with any legal support, it is important that there is mutual trust and a commitment to confidentiality between you and the lawyer.


  • Sufficient resources: A blockchain lawyer may require you to pay for their services, so it is important to have sufficient resources to pay for legal support.

 Under what conditions can a service not be provided?"

The legal support service cannot be provided under the following conditions:

  • Violation of law: If your blockchain project violates the law, a lawyer cannot provide you with support in realising wrongdoing.


  • Conflict of Interest: If there is a conflict of interest between you and the lawyer, for example, if the lawyer is already providing legal services to another market participant with an opposing interest to your project.


  • Insufficient resources: If you do not have sufficient resources to pay a lawyer, this may be a barrier to providing you with legal support.


  • In addition, successful legal support(blockchain lawyers lawyers attorneys) also depends on the level of specialisation and experience of the lawyer in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

 How to figure it out on your own?

  • Research: Start by familiarising yourself with the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Read literature, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and research various sources of information online.


  • Analyse the regulatory environment: Research the regulatory environment in your country or region with respect to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and related technologies. Research legislation, regulations, regulators' reports, etc.


  • Community Participation: Join online communities, forums and social media groups dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Discuss your questions and get advice from others in the industry.


  • Courses and Learning Resources:Explore courses offered in online learning platforms to gain more depth of knowledge about the legal aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


  • Consultation with experts: If you still have questions about blockchain legal support or need specific legal advice, do not hesitate to contact qualified lawyers who have expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


  • Practice: Try to put your knowledge into practice, for example by reviewing transactions, studying regulatory documents or analysing different blockchain scenarios.

Common questions:

  • What legal restrictions exist on the use of blockchain in my country/region? Ukraine does not have specialised legislation regulating the use of blockchain, but some laws may apply to certain aspects of the technology. For example, in the area of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, there is legislation that requires licensing and registration of crypto exchanges and ICO projects.


  • Is there a blockchain lawyers association in Ukraine? As of the last update, there was no blockchain lawyers' association registered in Ukraine. However, it is possible that such an association could have been created after this time. We recommend searching online or contacting local legal associations for up-to-date information.


  • What ICO/STO regulation rules do I need to follow? In Ukraine, ICOs and STOs are regulated by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSCMC). To conduct an ICO, companies must comply with registration and licensing requirements, as well as provide investors with the necessary information about the project.


  • What are the legal aspects involved in issuing and trading tokens? Legal aspects include compliance with securities laws, meeting registration and licensing requirements, maintaining token records, ensuring compliance with exchange rules, and more.


  • How to ensure data protection compliance in blockchain with blockchain lawyers? Ensuring data protection compliance in blockchain includes developing appropriate privacy policies, privacy compliance, data encryption and other technical and organisational measures. Blockchain lawyers can help you develop and implement such measures in accordance with the law.

What does the cost of services depend on?

The cost of services may depend on the complexity of your blockchain project. For example, if your project involves launching an ICO or STO, this may require more hours of legal support, which will affect the cost of services. The cost may also depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. This includes writing legal documents, consulting with clients, drafting contracts and more.

Writing legal documents, consulting with clients, drafting contracts and more.


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