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    • A description of the situation, which disturbs the legal analysis, is carried out. 
    • The circumstances of the case, the presence or absence of documents relevant to the situation are established. 
    • A full oral communication is conducted in order to establish all the necessary circumstances of the case. 
    • The client's expectations regarding the results of service provision are established. 
    • An analysis of the current legislation that regulates the problem is carried out. 
    • An analysis of judicial practice regarding this issue is carried out. 
    • The lawyer's personal experience in solving such or similar problems is described. 
    • The conclusion is described, in which a conclusion is given regarding the impossibility of solving the problem or ways to solve the problem. 
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2 UAH 13,200.00

Forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, sale or use of forged documents, seals, stamps

Forgery of documents, seals and stamps is a serious offence and can have severe consequences for those who engage in such activities. In many countries, it is considered a crime and can lead to administrative liability and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.

The use of forged documents, seals or stamps can also have serious consequences. For example, using fraudulent documents to gain financial advantage or to identify yourself before the law can result in severe penalties, including fines, loss of permits, or even imprisonment.

The recommendation is to avoid any attempts to forge official documents, stamps, or seals, as this is not only against the law, but can also seriously harm your own interests and cause negative consequences for others. If you need official documents or seals, it is recommended that you contact the relevant institutions or professionals who will provide legal and appropriate services. Ukraine, like most countries, has legislation prohibiting the forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, as well as their sale or use. According to the Ukrainian Criminal Code, the forgery of official documents (including passports, driving licences, etc.), seals or stamps, as well as their use, may be qualified as a criminal offence.

Sanctions for these offences may include fines, imprisonment and other administrative and criminal penalties in accordance with Ukrainian law. More specific information on this can be found in the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Currently, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are also actively working to prevent and suppress forgery of documents and other official materials. Article 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine establishes liability for violation of the rules of operation of motor vehicles, trams or technical means of transport that led to serious consequences.

According to Article 358 of the Criminal Code, criminal sanctions may be imposed on persons who deliberately violated the rules of operation of vehicles, which led to serious bodily injury or other serious consequences.

The exact content and sanctions provided for in this article may depend on the specific circumstances of the case and the legislation of Ukraine at the time of the offence. 358(4) of the CCU establishes liability for the production, sale or use of documents, seals, stamps or forms used for registration of trucks used in international traffic without the permission of the competent authorities. Article 358(4) of the CCU provides for criminal sanctions in the form of imprisonment for a term of two to five years with or without confiscation of property. Article 358(4) of the CCU is aimed at combating illegal activities related to the production or use of forged documents required for the international transport of goods. 358 1 of the CCU provides for liability for forgery of documents, seals, stamps or forms. Various types of punishment may be imposed under this article, including imprisonment. Part 2 of Article 358 of the CCU provides for liability for the production, storage, purchase with intent to sell or sale of counterfeit documents, seals, stamps or forms. This article may also be subject to various types of punishment under the criminal law of Ukraine.

Legal steps:

In the case of forgery of documents with stamps and seals, as well as with their sale or use, lawyers can perform the following legal stages:


  • Consultation with the client: The first step is a consultation with the client to gather all the necessary information about the situation and assess the legal aspects of the case.


  • Fact-finding: Our lawyers conduct a detailed investigation of the facts of the case, including collecting evidence of forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms. Preparation of documents: This may include the preparation of complaints, statements, opinions, letters to be submitted to the court or other relevant institutions. Representation in court: Lawyers can represent the client's interests in court during the proceedings. They will argue the client's position and protect their rights and interests before the court.


  •  Negotiation and mediation: In some cases, lawyers may try to resolve the case out of court, through negotiations or mediation between the parties. Appeal and cassation: If the client is not satisfied with the court's decision, lawyers can prepare an appeal or file an appeal to a higher court to review the decision.


  • Enforcement of the court decision: In case of a court decision in favour of the client, lawyers can assist in the execution of the decision and protect the client's interests in the process of execution.

Under what conditions can the service be provided?

The service on the issue of forgery of documents of the Criminal Code of Ukraine can be provided under the following conditions:

  • Legality: The service must be provided within the framework of the law (358 of the CCU) and not contradict the current legislation.


  • Compliance with the client's needs: The service must meet the needs and expectations of the client, as determined through consultation and discussion of details. Agreed terms: The terms of the service, including price, scope and timing, should be clearly agreed between the client and the service provider.


  • Ethics: The service must be provided in compliance with ethical norms and standards set by the relevant professional association or organisation.


  • Competence: The service provider must have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to provide the service in a professional manner.

Under what conditions can the service not be provided?

The service in violation of Article 358 of the CCU cannot be provided under the following conditions:

  • Illegality: If the provision of the service violates the law, even if the client wants it, the service cannot be provided.
  • Conflict of interest: If the provision of the service creates a conflict of interest, for example, if the performance of the service causes harm or conflicts with other interests of the service provider.


  • Unacceptability to the supplier: If the service provider believes that the provision of the service would violate its own.


  •  principles, ethics or beliefs. Insufficient competence: If the service provider does not have sufficient competence or experience to provide the service in a professional manner.

How to figure it out on your own?

It can be challenging to deal with a forgery situation or problem on your own, but executive skills and self-discipline can help in the process. Here are a few steps that can help you to sort it out on your own:


Gathering information: Start by gathering as much information as you can about the situation or problem. This can include documents, information from witnesses or experts, and any available information from the internet.Analysis and evaluation: Analyse the information gathered to understand the nature of the problem or situation. Identify the main facts, causes and consequences.

Setting goals: Define your goals and expectations for the situation. Clearly state what you want to achieve or how you want to solve the problem.

Explore solution options: Consider different solutions to the problem and their consequences. Compare them in terms of effectiveness, cost, and potential risks.

Action plan: Develop an action plan to achieve your goals. Divide your tasks into specific steps and determine how you will complete them. Execute the plan: Start executing your action plan, one step at a time, focusing on achieving your goals. Evaluate the results: After completing your action plan, evaluate the results. Check if you have achieved your goals or if you need to make changes to your strategy.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the consequences of using forged documents, seals or stamps (forging signatures on documents)? The use of forged documents, seals or stamps can have serious consequences that can affect various aspects of life and business. Here are some of them: Legal consequences: The use of fake documents can lead to a violation of the law and the corresponding legal consequences, such as criminal liability for fraud, forgery or fraud. Financial losses: The use of false documents in financial transactions can lead to financial losses for the affected parties. For example, it can lead to fraud, loss of funds or unauthorised access to resources. Breach of trust and reputation: The use of forged documents can damage the reputation and trust of the parties involved in a transaction or collaboration. Civil cases: A victim may bring civil action against those who use forged documents or seals to recover damages, losses or non-pecuniary damage. Criminal sanctions: In the event of a document forgery case, law enforcement authorities may initiate a criminal investigation and impose sentences in accordance with the law.

What legal measures can be taken to protect against document forgery or seal forgery? A variety of legal measures can be taken to protect against document or seal forgery. Here are some of them: Internal procedures and controls: Businesses can establish internal procedures and controls to verify and confirm the authenticity of documents and the use of seals. This may include verifying signatures, authenticating documents using cryptographic methods, or using electronic signatures. Use of secure technologies: The use of secure technologies and techniques, such as watermarks, special papers, or seals with unique security features, can help make documents more difficult to forge. Restricting access to documents and seals: It is important to limit access to documents and seals to authorised individuals and use access control mechanisms such as locks, access cards or biometric systems. Education and training of staff: Training staff on how to identify fake documents and seals, as well as security and control procedures, can help prevent their use. Legal advice and expertise: Engaging legal counsel or security experts can help develop effective strategies to protect against document and seal forgery, as well as provide advice on the legal aspects of the problem. Use of electronic technology: The use of electronic technologies, such as electronic signatures, can reduce the risk of document and seal forgery and provide greater security and authentication.

How do law enforcement agencies respond to cases of forgery of documents, seals, stamps? Law enforcement agencies respond to cases of forgery of official documents, seals and stamps depending on the specific circumstances and legal requirements of the country. Here are some general actions that law enforcement can take in cases of forgery: Investigation: The police or other law enforcement authorities may initiate an investigation to determine whether documents, seals or stamps have been forged. This may include gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, analysing material traces, and other actions. Detention and searches: If there is sufficient evidence or suspicion of forgery, law enforcement authorities may detain persons suspected of committing the crime and search their residences or workplaces for evidence. Summons for interrogation: Suspects may be summoned for questioning to explain the circumstances of the case and provide explanations. Preparation of materials for the court: If sufficient evidence of counterfeiting is found after an investigation, law enforcement agencies can prepare materials for a court case. Prosecution: After preparing the materials, law enforcement agencies can act as prosecutors in court and represent the interests of the state in the case. Applying appropriate sanctions: If a person is found guilty of forgery of documents or seals, he or she may be subject to various sanctions under the law, such as fines, imprisonment or other sanctions.

Can a victim file a civil action in case of forgery of documents or seals? Yes, a victim can file a civil lawsuit in case of forgery of documents or seals. This can be done to compensate for damages, losses or non-pecuniary damage caused by the use of forged materials if the Criminal Code of Ukraine on forgery of documents has been violated. A civil action may be brought against the persons who used the forged documents or seals, or against any other parties who may be responsible for the forgery, such as persons who failed to ensure a sufficient level of security or control over these materials. In a civil action, the victim may seek compensation for damages, loss of income, loss of confidence, and may also seek other forms of compensation, such as non-pecuniary or other non-property damages. It is important that the victim seeks advice from a lawyer or attorney who will provide legal support and advise on the best course of action in this situation. A lawyer will help to draw up the correct civil claim and protect the interests of the injured party in the trial.

What is document forgery and what is the law that punishes it? Document forgery is the process of unlawfully altering, manufacturing or forging documents to make them false or deceptive. This can include forging signatures, changing important information in documents, making fake copies, or creating documents with content that never existed. In most countries, forgery is a crime and is punishable under criminal law. The specific articles and penalties provided by law may vary depending on the country and the specific circumstances. Ukraine, for example, has a section of its Criminal Code devoted to document fraud and forgery, which includes articles such as Article 358 of the Criminal Code ("Forgery of documents, seals, stamps, forms, use of similar forged documents") or Article 358-2 ("Falsification of official documents"). Sanctions for document forgery can range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offence and the laws of each country.

What does the cost of services depend on?

Lawyers with more experience and a higher level of qualification can charge higher fees for their services because their knowledge and skills are more valuable. The cost of services may vary depending on the lawyer's specialisation. Lawyers who specialise in a particular area of law that requires additional experience and expertise may charge higher fees for their services. The cost of services may depend on the complexity of the case or the task that the client is addressing. Cases that require more work, research or litigation may cost more.


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