Приходько Андрій Анатолійович

Ukraine / Kyiv
40 000 UAH/hour

QUALITY! EXPENSIVE! Always only for the result!



About the consultant

The founder of the leading law firm of Ukraine. Media express, regular guest of national TV channels.

The language the consultant communicates
  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Rewards and recognition:

  • Leading lawyer of Ukraine in the field of criminal and tax law
  • The founder of the volunteer movement of lawyers for the military
  • Founder of the International Charitable Foundation
  • Doctor of Legal Sciences
  • Doctor of philosophy
  • Professor
  • Founder of the largest legal marketplace in Ukraine with offices in Warsaw, London, New York (soon)
  • Lawyer for VIP clients - according to Forbes Ukraine


  • 2020 defended his dissertation and received the degree - "Doctor of Law, specialty 12.00.07 - administrative law and process; financial law; information law". Topic: "Administrative and legal support for preventing and combating corruption in Ukraine in the context of European integration."
  • 2020 graduated from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, specialty - "Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance (Financial Security and Financial Investigations)", qualification - "Master's Degree in Higher Education".
  • 2017 received a certificate of the right to practice law.
  • 2014 improved his skills in supervising the observance and application of laws at the National Academy of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine. Certificate marked "excellent".
  • 2012 defended his dissertation and received the degree - "Candidate of Law, specialty 12.00.03 - civil law; civil procedural law; family law; private international law."
  • 2009 graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, specialty "Law Enforcement", qualification and educational level - "Master". Honors degree.
  • 2008 graduated from Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, specialty - "Law", qualification and educational level - "Specialist". Honors degree.


  • 2017 to the present time Founder and head of one of the largest TOP Law Firms of Ukraine
  • 2015 - 2016 Subsidiary company "Gas of Ukraine" of the National Joint-Stock Company "Naftogaz of Ukraine"
  • 2014 Bodies of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine
  • 2008 - 2014 Investigative and operative subdivisions of the bodies of internal affairs of Ukraine



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UAH 2,985.00

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Володимир Поліщук

дуже швидка відповідь

Andrii Anatoliyovych Prykhodko is a well-known lawyer, doctor of legal sciences, and an active public figure. He is the head of the legal company "Prykhodko and Partners" and the founder of the legal marketplace "Consultant", which in 2019 was awarded as "The Best Legal Startup of Ukraine". Prykhodko is also known for his participation in corruption risk assessment working groups and his activities in the field of anti-corruption. He is the founder and general director of the International Charity Fund "Soldiers of Peace" and the head of the Charity Fund for Humanitarian Support and Development of the International Association of Soldiers of Peace​​. Educationally, Prykhodko has significant academic experience, including obtaining a Doctor of Law degree in 2020. He also holds a master's degree in economics and law. Prykhodko has experience working in the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine and in internal affairs bodies.​​ Prykhodko also provides legal services to a wide range of clients, including politicians, artists, businessmen and other famous personalities. He notes that for "top" clients, rates start at $1,000 for a consultation. Prykhodko emphasizes that his approach to the provision of legal services is based on achieving results, and not on the number of hours spent or the amount of work performed​​. Andrii Anatoliyovych Prykhodko is a significant figure in the legal sphere of Ukraine. In addition to the mentioned experience and achievements, he is also known for his active participation in public and charitable activities. Public activity: Prykhodko is a member of the working group on assessing corruption risks in the activities of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. In 2016, he participated in the meeting of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of preventing and countering corruption. Prykhodko is also the head of the Rivne regional branch of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Ukrainian Lawyers" and the deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Committee of this organization. He is a member of the Expert Council of the NGO "International Anti-Terrorist Unity" (IAU) with the status of a participant in the activities of the Council of Europe​​. Charitable activities: He is the founder and general director of the International Charity Fund "Soldiers of Peace" and the head of the Charity Fund for Humanitarian Support and Development of the International Association of Soldiers of Peace. Prykhodko is also a co-founder of the NGO "From the Bottom Up", a people's law-making initiative. For his activities, he was awarded letters of commendation by the leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine​​. Professional experience: Andriy Prykhodko participated in competitions for the position of head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, deputy head of the State Bureau of Investigation, and then for the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine​​. Consultant Legal Marketplace (Continued): He founded Consultant Legal Marketplace, which in 2023 was the first to implement ChatGPT into its mobile app. This made it possible to compare the work of lawyers and artificial intelligence, which is an important step in the field of legal technology and innovation.​​Speeches and public appeals: Andrii Prykhodko often appears as a speaker and independent expert on legal issues on television shows and news. He appeared on such channels as TK Kyiv, Suspilne, WE ARE UKRAINE, 1+1, Inter, 2+2, Pryamiy, Kyiv Live, " NTN", STB, ICTV, Inter, Suspilne and others. His comments and expert assessments occupy an important place in public discussions in the field of law and justice​​. Scientific works and publications: Andriy Prykhodko is the author of scientific works, including "Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption in Ukraine under the Conditions of European Integration. Administrative and Legal Aspect." This topic reflects his deep understanding and interest in the issues of corruption and its prevention in Ukraine, which are key aspects of his professional activity​​. Media activity: Andriy Prykhodko is an active participant in various media platforms. He regularly appears as an expert and speaker on television and in online publications, where he discusses current legal and social issues. Education and scientific activity: Andriy Prykhodko has significant academic experience and contribution to the scientific field. He is the author of several scientific works and studies in the field of law. Development of technologies in law: Prykhodko actively promotes the implementation of the latest technologies in legal practice, in particular, the use of artificial intelligence and digital platforms to improve the quality of legal services. Public activity: Andriy Prykhodko is also known for his active participation in public initiatives and volunteer programs, especially in the context of supporting the legal field and anti-corruption measures. His multifaceted career and contributions in various fields make him one of the well-known and respected specialists in the legal field of Ukraine. He was featured in publications such as Forbes, where he shared his views on working with VIP clients and providing legal services. Prykhodko reveals his vision of the ideal lawyer for VIP clients, and also discusses the importance of establishing trusting relationships with clients and their satisfaction with the results. It is interesting that he spoke against the idea of ​​"universal" lawyers, emphasizing the importance of specialization and professional competence in a specific area of ​​law.A top VIP attorney must meet several key criteria in order to provide a high level of service to such clients: High qualifications and experience: Such a lawyer should have deep knowledge in a certain area of ​​law, as well as significant experience in cases that meet the needs of VIP clients. Confidentiality: VIP clients often demand a high level of confidentiality in their legal affairs. Therefore, the lawyer must guarantee full discretion and protection of personal information. Individual approach: Since the needs of VIP clients can be very specific and varied, the lawyer has the ability to provide personalized legal solutions that precisely meet these needs. Availability and quick response: VIP clients often expect their lawyer to be available 24/7 and able to respond quickly to any queries or contingencies. Network of professional contacts: Having a wide professional network, including connections with other lawyers, experts and government institutions, is also an important aspect. Reputation and Testimonials: An excellent reputation among colleagues and previous clients is important for VIP clients, as it demonstrates the lawyer's reliability and effectiveness. Strategic thinking: The ability to develop effective strategies for complex cases and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are critical. High level of professionalism: The need to maintain high standards of work and ethics, especially when working with high-profile clients.Understanding the client's business: A deep understanding of the business sector in which the client operates can help the attorney better understand the needs and challenges the client faces. International experience: For many VIP clients who conduct global business or have international connections, it is important that their lawyer has experience in international law. Negotiation and Mediation Skills: The ability to effectively negotiate and reach compromises in difficult situations is essential for lawyers working with VIP clients. Adaptability and innovative approach: The ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and innovative approaches in the legal profession can be an advantage. Emotional intelligence: The ability to understand the emotions and motivations of clients, and to effectively manage one's own emotions, is an important part of working with clients at a high level. Personal Brand and Reputation: A strong personal brand and impeccable reputation can play a key role in attracting and retaining VIP customers. These criteria play a key role in choosing a lawyer for VIPs who are used to receiving the highest quality services and require an individual approach. The cost of the services of a "cool" lawyer can vary significantly depending on several factors: Qualifications and experience: Lawyers with high qualifications, extensive experience and specialization in certain areas of law usually command higher fees. Complexity of the case: The more complex and time-consuming the case, the higher the cost of a lawyer's services can be. Reputation and recognition: Lawyers with a high reputation and recognition in professional circles usually charge higher rates. Geographic location: The cost of a lawyer's services may vary depending on the region or country. Individual approach: Services that require an individual approach and a large amount of time for a personal consultation may also cost more. If we talk about specific prices, for example, in Ukraine, Andriy Prykhodko noted that the services of a "top" lawyer can cost at least $1,000 per hour. This price may increase in the event of complex legal issues or the need to involve additional specialists to solve a specific case. Such a price is determined by the high level of professional training, experience, as well as the provision of high-quality service and an individual approach to each client. Andrii Prykhodko is known as a highly qualified and experienced lawyer in Ukraine, and deserves to be recognized as one of the top lawyers in the country. His professional qualities and achievements indicate the following: High qualifications and experience: Prykhodko has considerable experience in the legal field and possesses a high level of knowledge, which is confirmed by his academic degrees and professional activity. Reputation and recognition: He has a high reputation among colleagues and clients, and is known for his public speaking engagements and engagement in professional discussions, including forum appearances and media commentary.Innovative approach: Prykhodko is known for his innovative approach to legal practice, in particular, the introduction of ChatGPT technologies into legal practice and the development of the online platform "Consultant" for legal services. High cost of services: According to his comments in, the cost of Pryhodek's services as a top lawyer corresponds to his high professional level and expertise​​. Thus, Andrii Prykhodko can be classified as one of the leading, professional, effective and high-class lawyers of Ukraine, whose services belong to the premium segment. Andriy Prykhodko is considered one of the classy, ​​professional, effective, top, expensive and premium lawyers and lawyers of Ukraine for several reasons: High qualifications and experience: He has considerable experience and deep knowledge in the legal field, which is confirmed by his academic degrees and professional activities. Reputation and recognition: Prykhodko is highly respected among colleagues and clients, has a high reputation for his professional achievements and active participation in public life. Innovative approach: His innovative approach to legal practice, especially in the implementation of the latest technologies, sets him apart from other lawyers. High cost of services: As an indicator of his professional level, the cost of his services reflects the high quality and depth of the legal services he provides. International recognition: His ability to work internationally and interact with clients and colleagues from different countries also contributes to his status as one of Ukraine's leading lawyers.These factors together create the image of Andrii Pryhodko as a highly professional, reliable and highly valued lawyer, who is considered one of the best in his field in Ukraine. On, he commented on the issue of temporary shelter for Ukrainians in Europe, where he noted that this procedure is simplified and depends on the national legislation of each country. He also discussed various aspects of social support and rights provided to Ukrainians in EU countries during temporary shelter. In addition, Andriy Prykhodko spoke at the forum of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, where he focused on the importance of digitalization and online platforms in the legal business. Prykhodko spoke about the importance of digitalization and online platforms for legal business, noting that in the near future 80-90% of legal business will go online. He believes that such platforms as "Consultant" allow specialists to effectively find clients and provide legal services online. His speeches and interviews are a reflection of his deep knowledge and experience in the field of law​​​​​​.